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New Year, New Work, (no) New Design (yet)

Well the new year brought some new work (which I super excited about), so I’ve been getting up to speed on learning the ins and outs of a new long term, part time client, and my first projects there. This of course has put a delay in the redesign of this site. Not that I haven’t been working on it, I have. After many false starts at redesigning existing WordPress themes, I decided to start with an empty text file and build a theme from scratch. The design I’m working on is casual, simple, and (IMO) nice looking; however, it doesn’t easily break down into the the common Top (header), Middle (body/sidebar), Bottom (footer) sort of layout making a clean start necessary. At this point I’m not going to try to guess when I’ll have it finished, but hopefully it’ll be soon. This current theme is full featured, and not horrible looking, but not to my taste., Second Guessing, and Writing About Yourself

Almost ready to go live with the draft version of the website, and I’ve already decided on how I want to start over and change everything about it. I suppose I’ll finish up the current implementation though, at least after a fashion, I may not do all the debugging and alt style sheets that I intended. Then again I may meet myself halfway, using what I have a basis for evolving. Still unsure.

Interesting observation about this experience… it’s much more difficult for me to build a website, especially the copywriting aspects, for myself, than it is for me to do these same tasks for others. I equate this experience to writing ones own bio-blurb (aka that short “about the author” type bio) for a book, article or presentation. Having asked many authors in the past to submit their own bio-blurbs I know that I’m not alone in finding difficulty in doing this. Is there a name for this phenomenon? If not there should be. And what is the reason for this. I assume that at least part of it has to do with objectivity, or lack thereof, when writing about something too close to yourself, but it that all it is? (Another thing I’ve witnessed time and time again is when people attempt to write about something they are too heavily tied to emotionally… often with disastrous results).

I imagine part of this issue stems from being able to separate what is important about you or your product for yourself, versus what is important about you or your product for others. Also, and while I’ve never been accused of being overly modest, I think part of it has to do with me second guessing what I have to say about myself without coming across as cocky, a lot of self-censorship is going on here. Where is the line between qualified and arrogant? Does it matter if you cross the line a little? how about a lot? This seems like a good A/B testing experiment. Yet, I have an inkling that even knowing some quantitative data won’t make the process any easier.

I guess the goal should be to get this done as soon as possible so I can get on to dealing with everyone else’s content.

This is SquareLike.Us

Welcome! You’ve reached SquareLike.Us. This is the official SquareLike blog and playground. We use this site not only to write up articles about things we find interesting, but also to experiment with web things. In general we’ll try to maintain things around here, i.e. the blog should be fairly stable*. Some of our experimental stuff however may fail, cause problems, or maybe we’re just embarrassed by them and want them gone, in which case they may cease to be.

*We have just switched from MovableType to WordPress for reasons that someday should make a good post in and of itself. While we’ve used WordPress at times in the past, we’ve never used it extensively, and haven’t delved into the WordPress 3.x much at all. As we figure stuff out it’s possible we’ll break stuff or you’ll run into dead ends, etc. We should have it all figured out by the New Year.