This is SquareLike.Us

Welcome! You’ve reached SquareLike.Us. This is the official SquareLike blog and playground. We use this site not only to write up articles about things we find interesting, but also to experiment with web things. In general we’ll try to maintain things around here, i.e. the blog should be fairly stable*. Some of our experimental stuff however may fail, cause problems, or maybe we’re just embarrassed by them and want them gone, in which case they may cease to be.

*We have just switched from MovableType to WordPress for reasons that someday should make a good post in and of itself. While we’ve used WordPress at times in the past, we’ve never used it extensively, and haven’t delved into the WordPress 3.x much at all. As we figure stuff out it’s possible we’ll break stuff or you’ll run into dead ends, etc. We should have it all figured out by the New Year.

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