New Year, New Work, (no) New Design (yet)

Well the new year brought some new work (which I super excited about), so I’ve been getting up to speed on learning the ins and outs of a new long term, part time client, and my first projects there. This of course has put a delay in the redesign of this site. Not that I haven’t been working on it, I have. After many false starts at redesigning existing WordPress themes, I decided to start with an empty text file and build a theme from scratch. The design I’m working on is casual, simple, and (IMO) nice looking; however, it doesn’t easily break down into the the common Top (header), Middle (body/sidebar), Bottom (footer) sort of layout making a clean start necessary. At this point I’m not going to try to guess when I’ll have it finished, but hopefully it’ll be soon. This current theme is full featured, and not horrible looking, but not to my taste.

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