Etiquette Question: Game vs Wife – The Phone Call

Okay, question of the moment: You are playing COD and your wife calls (you know this without looking because she has a special ringtone, in this case Daydream Believer, the Shonen-Knife version). So you answer the phone (yes, you do, there is no question about this, even if you ignore it, she’ll call back on the other line, and keep calling until you pick up, she knows you are always connected). She goes into the reason for her call, get to the point, and you say, “okay, cool.” At this point she continues to talk about everything leading up to the point of the conversation, which I might remind you has already been made quite clearly, this conversation has descended into decoration, and it’s not really your style of decoration. Anyway you try to be accommodating, but suddenly an enemy comes into view, loiters around, as if thinking a bit too long. You have a clear sniper shot… long range perfect. You need to hands to do this. The phone with your wife still talking is in one hand. What do you do here? Hang up, and take the shot? Try to get her off the phone quickly (and risk being very obviously trying to get rid of her)? Ignore the shot (knowing that they could very well turn and snipe you)? Anyway… comment below. I’m interested in a consensus, or at least some interesting thoughts on the matter.

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